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“Oh I wish I could take pictures like you!”

“Oh I wish I could take pictures like you!”

When ever I have shows or teach one of my workshops someone will always say “Oh I wish I could take pictures like you!” this of course triggers my inside voice which states, “yes you can”. As photographers we all have other photographers, artists, and designers that we look to for inspiration. I myself am always online or in bookshops looking at what’s out there currently and being pitched as all new, plus what has been done in the past. I’m a firm believer that there is really not much out there as truly original art but there is always a fresh twist or a new take.

So what do I do? Well, I look around to see pleases my eye, what teases my mood, and does it make me happy. When my marriage fell apart you could definitely see a difference in my work, at least to me looking back at it. What is very simple to me at least but so many people struggle with is that they get lost in the planning stage and then the work never happens. One of my biggest inspirations is the era of the sixties. You had so much going on and here we are almost sixty years later and its still reflected in todays trends. There was Mary Quandt with the mini skirt, you had Rock N’ Roll gaining traction as a popular form of music this also brought pirate radio stations, also there was the Profumo Affair. The Profumo affair being that John Profumo was the Secretary of State for War in England and his then girlfriend 19 year model Kristine Keeler was also having an affair with Yevgeni Ivanov, the senior naval attaché at the Soviet Embassy. This was the height of the Cold War folks and such things were considered treason. Post scandal, Christine Keeler posed for a shoot with a chair and it’s why you see chairs in my shoots to this day.

So inspiration can come from anywhere and really what you should be doing is just take pictures for you and only you. There is no need to worry about what everyone else is doing or what they really feel about what you’ve done. I’ve always been a brown pair of shoes in a world of black tux’s and will continue to be so.


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