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Sacramento is under construction

As we all know Sacramento is under construction. The struggle to keep the Kings here is over, their new home is steadily coming along and soon the masses will come. In the mean time I thought I’d go out for a couple of hours down town and shoot a vary brief glimpse of the  gentrification our city is experiencing.

Now my home and studio is all of a few blocks away from what is the largest construction site this city has seen in many a decade so I to shall become gentrified as it were. I’m a big fan of exploring ones neighborhood I actually like the way my neighborhood is today, the smells, the sounds the way it breaths so I’m curious what change will come.

Walking around the down town area on a Thursday evening there was quite a bit going on. There were school children finishing up band practice and walking back to their school bus. The local church was having its evening mass with the lead up to Easter. You have folks valet parking their pride and joy and of course the homeless taking up shelter for the evening where ever they can and alley ways going quiet for the evening with their dumpsters containing that days trash.

As for the change all of the gentrification will bring? All I can do; like everyone else is wait and see while enjoying what I currently have. Time, as they say, will only tell.

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Seven Qualities of a Fashion Model.

Being a fashion photographer I do get to work with some very amazing people. Now some of those people are assistants, make up artists, show curators, art directors, agents and last but not least models. If I had a nickel for every time someone said, “they’re a natural I wish I could model like that?” I’d be fat and happy sitting on a beach somewhere. Well let me tell you this there is no such thing as a natural born model!! They do however have seven qualities of a fashion model that make them very successful.

Have you heard of the natural born doctor or lawyer? I thought not. They spend years studying and then many more years honing their craft before coming experts and respected in their chosen field. Modeling is no different and those that study their craft certainly make a difference when viewed through the viewfinder of my camera.

When I’m looking for models it all starts on a look and what is that look I’m going for with the finished product. Next it’s the interview and do they have what I’m looking for, obviously you can’t change a look but you can change an attitude. Over the years I’ve yet to not click with a model I’m working with and attitude is everything.

So what is this attitude? An experienced model will typically have these 7 qualities.

-The ability to learn and strive to never stop learning.

-Self confidence.

-Traveling and a hunger to discover new things.

-Good organizational skills.

-A healthy body.

-They set goals and have zero fear of going after them.

-Resist peer pressure and walk to the beat of your own drum.


If you’re reading this and are aspiring to be a model then write them down, study them, and make them a part of who you are. If you don’t currently have these traits pretend that you do. Over time they’ll be part of the very fabric that makes up you, repetition eventually becomes routine and routine turns into second nature.

I’m currently working on a project now and I’m working with two models that have all of the above seven traits. Although the one they have the most of is number seven. Number seven is the one quality I look for the most as I find that’s the trait I work best with. So walk to the beat of your own drum and happy shooting.

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