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Cars and Coffee Irvine

If you know me personally I’m a huge fan of the automobile. Cars them selves present many challenges to a photographer. These images are from last month when I took a quick trip to L.A. and as always I stopped in at Cars and Coffee Irvine. This event happens every Saturday morning and is always just brilliant. -Alister Photography

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Brides, tell your photographer about the details

So it’s pretty much a given that there is a bride, groom, bridal party, guests etc. and that they will all need a picture taken. This is easier said than done and then there are the details….. cake, rings, custom wine bottle labels, the location itself.

When I book a wedding it’s my time to take a deep breath, shut up and listen oh and brides this is your turn to speak up. The only question I ask is “what are the details?” It always returns a blank look at first but it’s the most important question and can make or break your shoot when its time to deliver the job.

The last wedding I shot was full of little details and asking the bride really pays off. The groom had made all the yard games himself, the pizzas were hand tossed, the cake was made up of cup cakes, drinks were served in mason jars, there were eccentric guests, the list was endless but asking the above question and taking that deep breath always pays off.

So the next time you shoot a wedding just ask “what are the details?”

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Five reasons to do an engagement or “trash the dress” shoot.

Trash the Dress

One. Time, it can be your friend or enemy. On the wedding day, time is more your enemy than a friend as you may have some grand idea planned for pictures and your client does to although they also have a party to host and guests waiting to chat and catch up with them and not to see them smile and pose for your grand idea of wedding pictures. A separate shoot allows you to take your time and come up with a concept that’s out of the box and sets a standard that makes your current client extremely happy and something future clients of yours can expect.

Two. Diversity, with time on your side and very much your friend you can now play and experiment. Take your time prior to the shoot to shop for props, scout out locations, and suggest some ideas to your client and see what they have in mind to. Also experiment with mediums to, who said because its 2014 that it has to be shot in digital? Try film and even bring along a Polaroid. When it comes to these types of shoots nothing is off the table for me. The accompanying images I shot on 35mm Kodachrome.

Three. Location, now this can be fun and a nightmare so pick your locations wisely and always run them by your client first. I had a fellow photographer scout out a wheat field but when he arrived the following week with his client the wheat had been harvested. Lesson learned here is check with the farmer and even offer said farmer a print when you’re done. A simple gift and a thank you note will always go a long way.

Four. Family, blood is thicker than water and do not forget this. There is nothing wrong with family but they can get a little emotional and also in the way on wedding day. By having a separate shoot its just you the bride and her groom. You’ll have all the time in the world to relax, talk, and put together a brilliant shoot. I remember my own wedding and that my grandmother got really upset with the photographer as she felt he took up to much of our time to spend with family. It took me six months to calm her down…….. Now being a wedding photographer myself I really respect the time and concerns of the guests when at a wedding.

Five. The Experience, it should be just that for your client. When all is said and done you want them to walk away feeling that their time with you was an experience that they do not do every day. Not every one gets to be a model in a photo shoot so when they are it should feel special and like nothing else.

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